Product details:

NPT Label PrintManager was first released for industrial use in 2001.
The need for automated label printing through a user friendly
design- and management platform and the demands for an easy
and strong configurable setup was requested by many 
different types of customers.

Version 4 was released in 2009 and presents many advanced features for optimizing label printing and management needs. Our reference list count the largest companies in Denmark and many of them having their production facilities located at the other end of the World, but all label management is still centralized at the company headquarters.

With the user friendly design interface in Codesoft combined with multiple configuration abilities in the PrintManager you can easily get label printing streamlined and organized.

The verification abilities inside the control panel also include a label monitor. Verify and compare data as it is imported – easy
overview for adjusting datastream or labeldesign without having
to do actual print-outs.

The PrintManager supports label printing for more than 100 printers at the same PrintManager engine, and with the possibility to have multiple search paths, you can adapt the solution to take over from an older system at the same time as you are migrating to the newest XML solution.

The PrintManager system is under a continious development - we want it to be a perfect tool that follows the needs that will come in the future - and at the same time has the ability to fit the present needs for flexible label printing and management.

You can sign up for at remote support contract to ensure that online help is close by at no further cost.

The Label PrintManager system consists of following:

  • Service (MS Windows)
  • PM Control Panel
  • Setup Application
  • Codesoft Runtime or Enterprise
    (Codesoft Network if Win2008svr)

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